11. May 2018

Inheritance tax in Switzerland – an overview of the cantons

In Switzerland, the cantons and municipalities can set and collect their own taxes. One of these cantonal taxes is inheritance tax. These can vary greatly from canton to canton.

22. July 2017

Emergency will: prerequisites and formation

An emergency will can be created in exceptional cases. It is delivered orally to two witnesses and is valid only for a limited term.

5. May 2017

The marital agreement

24. January 2017

Statutory entitlement in law of succession

Swiss law not only determines who the heirs of a person are, it also stipulates the share of the estate to which the heirs are usually entitled. In order to determine the legal succession, Swiss law uses a parentelic system.

18. January 2017

The inheritance contract

A person can set up an inheritance contract to prepare for their death. This will allow them to dispose of their assets after their decease.

18. November 2016

Will – requirements on form and content

18. November 2016

Will – requirements on form and content

In the event of death, the will is often the most important surviving document. In order for it to be valid, it must meet certain formal requirements. Normally, it must be written by hand, as well as dated and signed.