Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

DeinAdieu’s Approach and Goals

What is DeinAdieu’s goal?

Only a small part of Switzerland’s inheritance volume is bequeathed to the public good. DeinAdieu would like to increase the current share of estimated 3 per mille of charitably bequeathed assets in total bequeathed assets.

What are DeinAdieu’s approaches?

We aim to increase the testamentary rate of 25% – because without a will it is not possible to consider an NGO. In addition, the consideration rate of NGOs is to be increased.

Testamentary and consideration rate

Why is the testamentary rate so low?

Instructions and guidebooks on the preparation of wills overwhelm most testators. . Many testators are put off by visiting a lawyer. They are afraid of high costs or disclosure of their private finances or family conflicts. Also, one’s own transience and thus the drawing up of a will is fraught with unpleasant feelings. But there is a group of potential testators for whom intestate succession provides satisfactory results.

How does DeinAdieu increase the testament rate?

DeinAdieu’s Will Generator reduces numerous obstacles:

  • It’s 100% free
  • The will template is created in a few minutes.
  • No counselor is necessary (but can be applied for in addition).

For these reasons, our tool is used thousands of times each year.

How does increase the consideration rate?

When creating a will template or for a free consultation, either the source organization (when accessed through the organization’s website) or all organizations (when accessed through are be suggested for consideration. Thus, people creating a will realize that they can take an NGO into account without any extra effort.

Don’t people need to be additionally “nudged“?

No. If there is a good relationship between the NGO and the patrons, donors and members and if the trust relationship is right, the basis for consideration exists. By facilitating the process of drafting and considering a will for testators, many hurdles are already removed.

What can organizations do to increase considerations on their own page?

Each NGO should draw attention to the fact that it is legitimate to consider their organization in the will. In addition, it should point out that it offers support for estate planning on its website (will generator and free advice). We recommend communicating on all channels: email, social media, mailings, annual reports, newsletters, flyers and targeted Google Ads.

We advise against broad Google Ads campaigns on the subject of wills. It’s more effective to specifically solicit support for the organization by will.

Target group and reach

Which target group is ideal?

We generally recommend that you raise the issue with your donors, members, clients, patrons, etc. who are 55 years of age or older. Online tools can reach people up to about 70 years old. The focus is on a broad donor base, ideally with a high frequency of donations and a strengthened bond with the organization.

Major donors are not part of the core target group for two reasons: first, this target group usually already has legal advice; and second, they are not statistically noticeable for bequeathing more legacies/inheritances to charities.

How does DeinAdieu promote the Will Generator?

DeinAdieu advertises on a broad set of channels: email campaigns, SEO, SEA, social media as well as link strategies.

How many visitors does have per year?

In 2022, over 1 million unique users visited

Performance measurement, pledgers and leads

How is performance measured?

  • Quantitatively: You’ll find real-time metrics on reach, clicks, completions, and details on the source of traffic in the partner login.
  • Qualitatively: find the leads that are generated via the tools.

What are pledgers?

Pledger promise legacies to an organization. Leads originating from all tools (will, free consultation, living will, advance directive, funeral donation) are displayed in the partner login. Leads from the first two tools generate direct pledgers, whenever the organization was considered with over 0% in the will template. This information is reported at the level of “leads”.

Why does the number of potential legacies in the partner login not match the leads?

Every pledger is counted as a potential legacy in the statistics. However, leads are also generated that do not meet this narrow definition. Users who has made a will via the organization’s special link will appear in the leads even if they have clicked away the organization or set it to 0% share. Thus, the number of leads would be greater than the number of potential legacies. The reverse can also be true: if people request the deletion of their data, only the potential legacy counted in the statistics remains in the partner login. The lead data will be deleted.

Subscriptions and cancellation period

Does DeinAdieu work for large and small organizations?

The largest possible donor base for each organization is crucial. This can be the case for large and small organizations. If the target group can be activated, success can be measured immediately (see also “How is success measured?”).

Which subscriptions does offer?

The basic subscription offers a system for your website and a basic entry on the organization portal. Thanks to top listings, any organization can acquire additional reach on the portal.

For whom do we recommend which subscription?

A toplisting is either if the organization has a well-known brand and can reach its own donors via Or if a little known organization reaches many people concerned through (e.g. cancer, health issues etc.).

What are the cancellation periods?

Each subscription can be cancelled up to 3 months before the expiration date.

Why DeinAdieu?

What are DeinAdieu’s unique selling points?

Unlike other initiatives in legacy fundraising, stands out for the following characteristics:

  • Traffic: Over 1 million visitors on deal with pension and inheritance issues each year. No other web portal records nearly as many hits and the associated visibility for organizations.
  • Online tools: The free will template creation via the will generator in combination with the free initial consultation enables thousands of testators to settle their estates every year. No other channel achieves this level of efficiency in supporting its own donor base as well as in new contacts for lead generation.
  • Measurability: each organization receives detailed information on the success of the legacy marketing measures in real time in the partner login. No other provider offers such consistent lead generation and quantiative measurement.

Don’t we risk that our donors will migrate to other organizations?

This danger is virtually non-existent. For one thing, there is a bond with your donors. Additionally, DeinAdieu’s tools are configured in such a way that, when accessed via the organization’s website, they list only the source organization and hide other organizations.

What are differences to other providers?