Terms of Use

1. Scope of application

The following Terms of use govern the legal relationship between the users of deinadieu.ch’s website (the “website”) and the website operator, the EMNA Web Limited (the “operator”).

The Terms of use apply to all use of the website and in particular to the use of the services offered on the website.

In addition to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and any specific disclaimers on deinadieu.ch’s website apply.

Users (the “user(s)”) are all visitors to the website, but in particular those users who expressly accept the Terms of use when registering for an account.

2. Service offering

The website offers users access to information on the process of dying, death, burials and more. The operator refuses all liability for the completeness and/or correctness of all information.

Users may register an account on the website, in which they provide various personal details and information about their wishes regarding their death and/or the funeral. Users can also give information about their wishes regarding their estate, whereby they are provided with possible estate division options. The profile enables users to generate documents that bring together this information and link it to information deposited by the operator. The operator assumes no liability for the completeness or correctness of any information on the website.

Various partners (the “partners”) offer the operator their services via the website. The operator assumes no liability for the completeness or correctness of the information provided by or about the partners. The operator points out that it does not provide the users with the services offered by the partners itself. The website enables the user to send information and/or messages to the partners for the purpose of submitting an offer with the aim of concluding a contract. The operator assumes no liability for the fact that a transmission actually takes place and that the information stored about the partner is correct or complete or that a contract is concluded between the user and the partner. The operator does not mediate the conclusion of a contract, but only offers the user the opportunity to send an offer. The operator is not a party to any subsequent contractual relationship between the user and a third party. However, the operator can agree commission payments and/or placement fees with the partner.

3. Alteration or interruption of services and cancellation of accounts

The operator may modify, change or temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of the website or individual parts thereof at any time.

The operator reserves the right to delete user profiles without giving reasons and without prior or subsequent notification of the user concerned. The user also has the option of deleting his/her profile at any time.

4. Exclusion of warranty and liability

To the extent permitted by law, any warranty and liability of the operator, its organs, employees and auxiliary persons are excluded. The guarantee and liability are not applicable in particular for the availability, service quality, correctness and completeness of the website and its contents, for damages in connection with the use of the website and for illegal and immoral content by users, partners and/or third parties.

The operator is not liable for the users’ terminal devices, the latter’s data and software.

5. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich. However, the operator is also authorised to assert its rights at the user’s place of residence or its seat. The applicable law is Swiss substantive law, excluding International Private Law.

Status: May 2021