Digital inheritance fundraising for Swiss NGOs

Why inheritance and legacy fundraising? Across Switzerland, more than 500 NGOs are fighting for a donation size of 1.6 billion Swiss francs. In the increasingly fierce competition for donations and with ever-decreasing government subsidies, tmany NGOs are under great pressure when it comes to raising funds. At the same time, more than 95 billion Swiss […]

Doing good – beyond the end of life

«I can look back on a happy life and I want topass something on.» Doing good makes one happy Studies show again and again: Donating money to and investing time in a good cause makes people happy. You too can do good for others even beyond the end of your life – and without much […]


DeinAdieu provides some examples of thanksgivings here. Let the various examples help you to write your own personal text. Death Is Nothing At All Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, […]

Template obituary notice

Find here examples and templates for obituaries. Accident of a work colleague Illness of a colleague Death grandmother Death of child after illness Death husband

Thank you note template

DeinAdieu stellt hier einige Muster und Vorlagen von Danksagungen im Todesfall zur Verfügung. Lassen Sie sich durch die verschiedenen Beispiele inspirieren und verfassen Sie Ihren ganz persönlichen Text. Thank you notes printed in newspapers Printed card for mass mailing Personal message

Letter of condolence templates

DeinAdieu provides examples and templates of condolence letters. Let the various examples help you when writing your own personal text. Death colleague – company Death grandmother – friend Death child – school, rector Death husband – neighbour

Eulogy templates

DeinAdieu provides some examples of eulogies here. Use them to help you write your own personal text. Grabreden der Patentante Memorial service for a teacher Speech given by the principal Urn burial for husband Speech given by the family

The Team & Network

Our team Nicolas Gehrig M.A. HSG, dipl. Wipäd.–Management & Operations Jürg Wachter lic.rer.pol.–Events & Consulting Martin Schuppli Journalist RP | Author–Editing & PR Margrit Feusi Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training–Events & Administration Benno Eggnauer MAS SW Engineering–Development & Technology Nergis Sazpinar BLaw University of Zurich–Legal Author Bernhard Gerstl B.A. HSG in Law & […]

The voluntary advisory board

DeinAdieu is the first Swiss independent online portal to a self-determined end of life. It takes on the following topics in particular: drafting up a will, a patient decree, an advance care directive, what is palliative care and how to plan a funeral. DeinAdieu offers editorial content as well as online tools and services. It […]