21. March 2023

Recognition of a marriage contracted abroad

A marriage abroad is not immediately valid in Switzerland. Swiss authorities need to authenticate the marriage. This article explains the recognition of a marriage contracted abroad.

30. January 2023

Marriage for everyone: same-sex marriage and its legal consequences

The law came into force as of 1 July 2022 after adoption of the “Marriage for everyone” referendum bill. This means that same-sex couples can now marry. In this article, we will highlight what this changes for family planning and provision.

4. February 2020

Calculating the acquired property

Matrimonial property is divided before the estate is calculated. This is indispensable for the start of the inheritance process. Calculating the acquired property results in the ‘surplus’. This is divided equally between the spouses.

27. February 2019

Favouring the surviving spouse

When one parent dies, the children are usually entitled to a share of the estate. However, if this is not applicable, the surviving spouse can be favoured to the maximum or granted a usufruct.

24. January 2017

Statutory entitlement in law of succession

Swiss law not only determines who the heirs of a person are, it also stipulates the share of the estate to which the heirs are usually entitled. In order to determine the legal succession, Swiss law uses a parentelic system.