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How can I create
a valid patient decree?

  • Individual Template
    Generate your individual template online. Our templates were developed together with physicians, ethicists and lawyers and are valid in case of emergency.
  • Representative Person
    Discuss your values with your representative and, if necessary, consult your general practitioner if you wish to define any medical measures.
  • Records & Renewal
    Sign your patient decree. Deposit a copy with your representative/general practitioner and keep your notice card in your wallet. We will remind you about the necessary renewal.
Create your Patient Decree
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  • Effective without notary
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5 important questions about your life

Esther, 53, author and mother
"I can also imagine a life in which my ability to think and move is restricted and I am dependent on the help of others."
Martin, 63, author
"If I am incapable of judgement and I am no longer mobile on my own, I do not want to live anymore."

Frequently asked questions

What is a patient decree?

A patient decree is a provisional document in which a person who is capable of judgement determines which medical measures he or she agrees or disagrees with should he or she be incapable of judgement. He or she can appoint a representative who can give instructions to doctors.

Who needs a patient decree?

As the Swiss population is getting older, the risk of not being able to make decisions about medical measures due to incapacity of judgement increases. Medical measures offered nowadays are many and diverse, which is why it is recommended to create a patient decree.

Who is DeinAdieu's patient decree suitable for?

The patient decree is suitable for all people who want to determine what medical measures they agree with (right to self-determination): for young, old, sick, but also healthy people.

Why is DeinAdieu's patient decree valid and practicable?

The patient decree and the process of its creation were developed together with leading experts on this topic (including Dr. Tanja Krones, Clinical Ethics at the University Hospital Zurich) and in accordance with the latest recommendations of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH) in its framework regarding Advance Care Planning. The medical measures are determined based on the Swiss Medical Association's (FMH) patient decree.

What does the patient decree from DeinAdieu cover?

DeinAdieu's patient decree emphasises the importance of the representative: you should use it to clarify the most important questions in your life. The definition of medical measures is optional in DeinAdieu's patient decree and should be carried out with the general practitioner because it is difficult for healthy people to anticipate all eventualities/possible medical issues.

What are the 5 important questions about life and death?

The 5 questions for the discussion regarding the patient's situation were carefully developed in accordance with international guidelines in order to accurately describe his or her will to live. The 5 questions are clarified in a conversation with the representative and are printed on the patient decree from DeinAdieu. The answers can then be registered in the PDF form after downloading.

Is DeinAdieu's patient decree suitable for me?

In recent years, there have been many reports of improperly filled out and therefore dubious patient decrees. The reason is usually the contradictory or unreliable definition of medical measures. Be sure to fill out the medical part of the decree together with your general practitioner/medical consultant.

When is DeinAdieu's patient decree not suitable for me?

DeinAdieu's patient decree is less suitable for you if you do not have a representative or if you suffer from a serious/advanced disease and would like to define specific medical instructions with regard to your clinical picture.

What other patient decrees are eligible?

There are many types of patient decrees. In some cases, they are tailored to specific clinical pictures. Kassensturz provides an overview.

When is a patient decree valid?

In recent years, there have been many reports of improperly filled out and therefore dubious patient decrees. The reason is usually the contradictory or unreliable definition of medical measures. Be sure to fill out the medical part of the decree together with your general practitioner/medical consultant.

Can I fill out a patient decree myself?

Yes. However, the following is recommended: 1.) Complete the questions regarding your values and views with your representative. 2.) Define the medical instructions with a medical expert or a medical consultant (e.g. Advance Care Planning consultation).

What is an authorised representative?

An authorised representative ideally knows your wishes and values. He or she is authorised to give medical instructions to doctors in the event of the patient's incapacity of judgement. The representative bases his or her instructions on the patient decree. When selecting the representative, consider that he or she should be able to take far-reaching decisions in a medically critical situation. Therefore, it may be wiser to choose a younger person instead of your partner.

What is a replacement person?

If the authorised representative is unable to perform this task, the replacement shall take his or her place.

Why should the representative be involved in the creation of the patient decree?

The questions regarding the patient's values discussed in the patient decree are a very sensitive topic. The dialogue with the representative helps the patient to answer these.

When should the general practitioner/medical consultant be involved?

If you want to define specific medical measures, we recommend that you discuss them with your general practitioner/medical consultant. He or she can settle the consultation via your health insurance.

Where should I deposit my patient decree?

In a place where it can be found quickly and easily. Please mark this place on your notice card. It makes sense to store several signed versions in several places (e.g. representative person, general practitioner, replacement person).

How often should I renew the patient decree?

You should renew/check your patient decree every two years. We can optionally remind you by email to do so.

Where can I find further information?

If you have any questions, contact DeinAdieu.ch, Pallnetz.ch (https://www.pallnetz.ch/cm_data/Palliative_Leitfaden_GzD.pdf) or the University Hospital Zurich: https://www.ibme.uzh.ch/de.html