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Personal care

Physical, mental and emotional well-being. Must be a natural person. Partial overlap with patient decree. ... more

Wealth management

Responsibility for your assets. Coverage of living expenses. Estate as the intended purpose is possible. ... more

Representation in legal cases

Legal representation in front of authorities, business partners etc. Can also be delegated to a legal entity. ... more

Create an Advance Care Directive
"I have appointed confidants in my advance care directive to represent me if I am incapable of judgement."

If, for example, you temporarily or longer-term lack the capacity to act rationally or take decisions due to an accident, someone else must do this for you. By means of an advance care directive, you can determine who will represent you if you are incapable of judgement. DeinAdieu's advance care directive covers the following three areas:

  • Personal care

    Personal care includes physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The contractor must be a natural person. Personal care partially overlaps with the patient decree (see below).

    • residence issues
    • nursing (staff/Spitex)
  • Wealth management

    With asset management, you transfer responsibility for your assets to someone. The person in charge ensures that your living expenses are covered. It is possible to assign a purpose to the asset management agreement.

    • settle accounts
    • tax matters
  • Representation in legal cases

    Representation in legal cases sets the legal representation in front of authorities, business partners etc. It can also be delegated to a legal entity – e.g. accountancy firm.

    • contracts
    • insurance cases
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  • Free of charge – valid without a notary

Frequently asked questions

What happens without an advance care directive?

Even without an advance care directive, the spouse or registered partner has a right of representation. However, the latter is limited. The KESB also has a say in the representation: For example, if a property is sold the KESB must be consulted.

Who needs an advance care directive?

You need an advance care directive if you want to appoint a representative to represent you comprehensively and without any restrictions in the event of incapacity of judgment.

How do I create an advance care directive?

Click on the button "Create advance care directive" above and you will be guided through the process. Important: At the end, you must manually transcribe the template and sign it.

When does the advance care directive take effect?

If the KESB learns of a person's incapacity of judgement, it clarifies whether there is an advance care directive. Prior to applying it, the KESB will check whether the advance care directive is valid. Among other things, it will also check whether the representative is suitable for this task or not (e.g. whether he or she is not also already incapable of judgement).

Do I have to manually transcribe my advance care directive?

Yes, the advance care directive must be manually transcribed from beginning to end, signed and dated. An alternative would be to set up an advance care directive with a notary (and against a fee). In this case, the notary issues the advance care directive.

Where should I deposit my advance care directive?

You can choose where. However, your advance care directive should be found easily in the event of your incapacity of judgement. Ideally, you should deposit your advance care directive with a depository (KESB, civil registry office).

Do I have to create an advance care directive if I already have a patient decree?

The patient decree covers only medical decisions. The advance care directive goes much further and affects the areas described above. The patient decree and its medical measures take precedence over the advance care directive from DeinAdieu.ch.

Is my patient decree or advance care directive valid?

Both documents are valid. In the version offered here, the patient decree takes precedence in medical matters.

Can I appoint different people for the personal care, asset management and legal representation agreements?

That's possible. However, the template provided by DeinAdieu is not suitable. Please contact info@deinadieu.ch for more information.

Can my representative appoint a trustee for certain tasks?

Such a mandate is explicitly provided for in the version of the advance care directive by DeinAdieu, since it is assumed that the representative cannot cover all areas him- or herself (subsidiarity).

How long is the advance care directive valid?

Basically unlimited. However, a regular check is recommended.

Can the assigned person reject the appointment?

Yes, the representative can reject the contract or terminate it later. This is not the only reason why the appointment of a replacement person is important.