7. November 2023

Preparing for the event of death: How to relieve the burden on your relatives

No one likes thinking about death. And no one likes preparing for death either. But to ease the burden on survivors, it makes sense to keep certain documents accessible and to make some arrangements.

16. November 2021

What to do after a death?

A death is a great burden for relatives and close persons. Right in the first few days after that, various errands have to be done. In this text we show you what to do and when after a death.

28. September 2021

What happens to internet accounts when you die?

Internet accounts are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives – but what happens to them afterwards? We will show you which precautions you can take with the ‘digital estate’ in order to handle it as smoothly as a ‘classic’ inheritance.

8. August 2017

Death and no relatives left – who is responsible?

If the deceased person has no relatives, the municipality initially organises the funeral. However, if it turns out that the deceased person does have relatives, they will be charged with the funeral costs.

20. July 2017

Do contracts end automatically in the event of death?

Contracts don’t just automatically end when a loved one passes away. So it is important to notify contractors and properly terminate contracts. In the event of death, there are special termination options in some cases.

19. July 2017

Notify the bank and post office in the event of death

When a testator dies, you must report the death to all institutions and banks. The post office is also to be informed of the death. We recommend leaving a bank account open for settling the estate.

17. July 2017

The loan agreement – what happens after death?

When we hear the word loan, we think of a bank loan. But money is also regularly lent within families or between friends. However, not many people think about what happens if the borrower dies. This could prove to be an expensive mistake.

9. July 2017

Pet in the event of death

Rechtlich wird ein Haustier zumeist wie eine Sache behandelt. Es gibt aber im Interesse des Tierwohls Sonderregeln, die sowohl zu Lebzeiten als auch im Todesfall gelten. Was der Tod von Halterin oder Halter für Hund, Katze etc. bedeutet, und wie dafür vorgesorgt werden kann, zeigen wir Ihnen in diesem Text auf.