Usage conditions

1. Scope of application

The following usage conditions regulate the legal relationships between the users (‘Users’) of the website (the ‘Website’) and its operator, EMNA Web AG (the ‘Operator’).

The usage conditions apply to each use of the website and particularly to the use of the services offered on the website.

Besides these usage conditions, the privacy policy and any specific disclaimers on the website apply.

‘Users’ refers to all visitors of the website.

2. Range of services

The website informs users about estate planning, living wills, designating a power of attorney, funerals, and the like. The Operator is not liable for the completeness or correctness of any information.

Users can create a personal profile on this website. Users shall treat their access data as confidential and use it only by themselves. The profile enables Users to generate documents that group together the information the Users fill in and connect that information with the information stored by the Operator. The Operator may review or have third parties review the information disclosed by Users. The provider may deny the registration at any time, including subsequently, without providing grounds.

Various fundraising partners (‘Fundraising Partners’) use the Website to draw attention to the possibilities for donating their inheritance. Moreover, various partners of the Operator (the ‘Partners’) offer their services on the Website. The Operator assumes no liability for the completeness or correctness of the information from or about the Fundraising Partners and Partners. The Operator explicitly points out that they do not themselves render the services offered by the Partners. The Website enables Users to communicate with the Partners and Fundraising Partners. On the User’s request, the Operator shall transmit User data and content-related information as an inquiry to Partners. But no legal claim exists in that regard.

The Operator assumes no liability that the transmission will actually and completely take place, or that any contract will be formed between the User and the Partner. The Operator will not be a party to any contract formed between the User and the Partner or Fundraising Partner. However, the Operator may agree on placement fees with the Fundraising Partners and Partners.

3. Altering or discontinuing the range of services and deleting profiles

The Operator may adjust, alter, or temporarily or permanently discontinue the Website or individual parts thereof at any time.

The Operator may delete one or more Users’ profiles without providing grounds and without notifying those Users beforehand or afterward. Any User may delete their profile at any time.

4. Exclusion of warranty and liability

Any warranty or liability of the Operator and its company boards, committees, employees, and assistants is excluded to the extent permitted by law. Warranty and liability is particularly (but not exclusively) omitted regarding availability, service quality, correctness, and completeness of the website and its contents, damage connected with using the website, and any unlawful and unethical content of Users, Partners, Fundraising Partners, or third parties.

Any liability on the part of the Operator for the Users’ end devices, data, or software is excluded.

5. Applicable law and forum

The forum is Zurich. However, the Operator may also assert its rights at the User’s place of residence or registered office. Substantive Swiss law applies under the exclusion of private international law.

Status as of: 23 May 2022