This is what NGOs need to pay attention to on their inheritance and legacy website

Testators think long and hard about the purpose for which they want to use the freely disposable part of their estate. For successful legacy and bequest fundraising, an NGO thus needs a functional website geared towards the target group. DeinAdieu has therefore analysed the websites of numerous NGOs and found out what is important.

Including a charitable organisation in a will is not an easy decision for testators. On the one hand, it is about their savings, which the testators want to see put to good use over a long period of time. On the other hand, according to Zewo, there are around 7,000 aid organisations in Switzerland in a wide variety of fields, which makes the decision in favour of one organisation even more difficult. Therefore, it is even more important for an NGO to provide the testator with relevant information and services in a simple and transparent manner on the website. DeinAdieu has put together a list of the best ways to do this.

#1 Website

Devote a separate page to the topic of inheritance/legacy. This should be accessible with as few clicks as possible so that testators can find the page quickly. Put together all the important information on the topic there. Make sure that the page is clearly laid out and not too cluttered.

#2 Special links

Place your special link to the will generator prominently and with a call-to-action on your inheritance page. Also use other special links, for example to the advance directive, the living will, the login, etc., so that the testator can find everything centrally in one place. It is best to highlight these links visually using buttons or colours.

#3 Contact person

Provide the testator with a contact person, ideally with a photo. Pictures of people create sympathy and lower the hurdle for establishing contact. The contact person should be reachable via e-mail and direct telephone number. Make sure that the telephone number is manned during the specified opening hours or that the call is forwarded. Unanswered calls or emails make a bad impression on testators and you risk losing potential clients.


For downloads or online tools, ask for the contact details of the users. Downloads without contact details and online tools without measurement or contact details should be avoided if possible. You lose potential customers, which is why it is best to do without them.

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