20. March 2023

Legacy fundraising: DeinAdieu compared to moribono AG and «Allianz für das Gemeinwohl»

Swiss providers like DeinAdieu, Allianz für das Gemeinwohl and moribono AG claim that they make legacy marketing easier with their services. In a comparison of their services, it is clear that one provider stands out for providing the most comprehensive services.

31. August 2022

Revision of inheritance law in Switzerland: what’s changing for charities?

In 2023, Switzerland renewed its inheritance law. Here you can learn what will change and what charities need to pay attention to.

20. October 2021

This is what NGOs need to pay attention to on their inheritance and legacy website

Testators think long and hard about the purpose for which they want to use the freely disposable part of their estate. For successful legacy and bequest fundraising, an NGO thus needs a functional website geared towards the target group. DeinAdieu has therefore analysed the websites of numerous NGOs and found out what is important.

13. October 2021

The Swiss bequeath their money for these purposes

In 2020, DeinAdieu surveyed 122 non-profit Swiss organisations on the topic of income from legacies and bequests. One finding of the survey is that animal welfare, nature conservation and environmental protection are at the top of the list in the favour of the testators.

6. October 2021

So much potential in legacy and bequest fundraising

95 billion Swiss francs were inherited in Switzerland in 2020. 95 billion Swiss francs – an amount that reflects the enormous market potential of inheritance and legacy fundraising. However, last year’s survey by DeinAdieu on the topic of legacy and bequest marketing also shows that many aid organisations are not yet using this potential.