So much potential in legacy and bequest fundraising

95 billion Swiss francs were inherited in Switzerland in 2020. 95 billion Swiss francs – an amount that reflects the enormous market potential of inheritance and legacy fundraising. However, last year’s survey by DeinAdieu on the topic of legacy and bequest marketing also shows that many aid organisations are not yet using this potential.

When it comes to inheritance and legacy fundraising, people usually only talk about the 95 billion Swiss francs in annual inheritance assets in Switzerland. However, this sum only provides limited information about the possibilities that still exist for aid organisations in this area. For this reason, DeinAdieu has dealt in depth with the fundraising instruments used in inheritance and legacy fundraising and many other topics over the past year. The results published under the title ‘Instruments of inheritance and legacy marketing’.

200 million Swiss francs in 849 wills opened

In the said survey, DeinAdieu questioned 122 Swiss aid organisations. In total, the organisations will benefit from 849 wills being opened in 2019, with an equivalent value of almost 200 million Swiss francs. Individual organisations received over five dozen legacies/inheritances and are funded over 50% through this source of income. These figures show what is possible in legacy/bequest fundraising.

NGOs do not dare

However, the survey also showed that some organisations are inhibited in the area of legacy and bequest fundraising: few resources are allocated to this area, instruments are implemented only tentatively and not consistently. This is sometimes one reason why the potential of legacy fundraising often remains untapped. According to the study ‘Donation Market 2019’, around a third of Swiss citizens would be willing to include charitable organisations in their wills. DeinAdieu fills exactly this gap and brings NGOs together with people who want to do good in the here and now.

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