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Accident of a work colleague

It is with great sadness we are informing you that our cherished colleague Mrs/Ms

Anja Müller, 15.10.1970 – 13. April 2014

has died as a result of a tragic accident.

We would like to sincerely thank Mrs/Ms Müller for her always extremely good and precise work in our graphics company.

With Mrs/Ms Müller we are losing a valuable employee and a good colleague. Her warm nature will remain in our memory.

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to her relatives

ArtDeco Graphic Designs Ivo Eggenberger (manager) & personnel

Illness of a colleague

On May 7th, 2015 our long time employee Mr

Stefan Oberholzer, 26.11.1965

passed away after many years of illness.

We would like to thank Mr Oberholzer for his consistently good and hard work in our business. Mr Oberholzer was a passionate painter and loved his apprentices.

With Mr Oberholzer we lose a valued employee and a good colleague.

We express our sincere condolences to the relatives.

Schubiger & Co. Master painter Urs Schubiger (manager) and team

Death grandmother

A big heart has stopped beating. After a long and fulfilled life, our dear Nani

Lina Bächler, 05.03.19129 – 08.08.2013

has fallen asleep peacefully.

You have taught us so much and will live on in our hearts. We say goodbye in love and gratitude for having known you.

Marianne and Paul Bächler-Müggler with Simon, Anna & Lara Sepp and Annelies Eisenring, with Florian & Samuel Bruno Bächler

Address for condolences Marianne Bächler-Müggler, im First 17, 8515 Goldbrunnen

The memorial service will take place on August 15th, 2013 at 14.00h in the St. Paul’s Evangelical Church in Goldbrunnen. At the request of Nani, the urn burial will then take place with only the most intimate family members present. She also asked that instead of flowers, you please kindly donate to Flüchtlingshilfe Schweiz (PC-801729), 3005 Bern.

Death of child after illness

You fought to the end – and still lost. Deeply saddened, we have to say a painful goodbye to our sunshine

Noah *19.12.2004 +6.02.2015

Over all these years you never lost your jolly nature and you infected us all with your smile. You endured your illness with patience and always kept the care team on their toes. It is with great saddness we say goodbye.

In our heart you continue to shine.

Mom & Dad Sarah & Leah The whole family Schönenberger All classmates of class 5c

Address for condolences Irene Schönenberger, Heiligkreuzstrasse 33, 9017 Oberwil

The funeral service will take place on February 13th, 2015 at 15.00h in the Catholic Church in Oberwil. The urn burial will then take place at the nearby cemetery. At Noah’s request, we ask all mourners to appear dressed in colourful clothing.

Death husband

People we love live forever, because a part of them stays in our hearts.

My beloved husband and the father of our wonderful children

Pius Cavegn *23.01. 1963 +18.09.2012

left us too soon.

On one of his beloved mountain tours he suddenly suffered a heart attack.

We are stunned and endlessly sad. You will live on in our hearts.

In infinite grief

Your Silvia Daniela, Stefanie, Leandro & Michele Relatives and friends Hiking Association „Climbers“

Address for condolences Silvia Cavegn, Burgdörfli 57, 4726 Schüpfen

The funeral service will take place on September 27th, 2012 at 13.00h at the cemetery in Schüpfen.