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Your advance care dossier – in 3 steps


With your name, your email address and a new password you can later again access your documents.

Create an advance care dossier

Create the advance care documents that are important for you and your close ones in just a few clicks.

Print out & sign

Print the documents and sign these. Sometimes it is legally required that they are handwritten from beginning to end.

Your advance care dossier
«It feels good to have everything settled»

Would you like to decide on your own affairs? We are pleased to hear this. More and more people in Switzerland decide to create an advance care directive and to record their wishes regarding medical emergencies in a patient decree. More and more people draw up their will according to their own ideas. With DeinAdieu, you can create your advance care dossier in just a few clicks – free of charge.

  • Why do I need an advance care dossier?
    Having everything settled gives you a good feeling. You relieve yourself and your relatives by taking important decisions in advance. Unregulated patient decisions or estates that would be left to the state should there be no heirs can be avoided. Young people also can, e.g. due to an accident, be temporarily incapable of judgement. Even more important are the patient decree, the advance care directive and the will for older people. With the advance care dossier from DeinAdieu you can easily create and manage the documents for your entire family.
  • What does an advance care dossier contain?
    Advance care documents tailored to your needs:
    • Patient decree
    • Advance care directive
    • Will

    • Contract templates (loan, gift, estate division, marital agreement, and much more)
    • Clauses and letter templates (inheritance renunciation, termination letters, and much more)
    • Checklists for the financial provision and organisational assistance in the event of death (and much more)
  • Why is the advance care dossier free of charge?
    Many people who lived well support a Swiss non-profit organisation through their estate. In return, those aid organisations want to give something back. Over 100 Swiss aid organisations and DeinAdieu support the right to self-determination and the idea to «Do good – beyond the end of life» through the advance care dossier provided here. Regardless of whether you relate to the idea or not, DeinAdieu is freely accessible to you and free of charge.
Advance care dossier
in only 3 steps
  • 100% free of charge – made possible by Swiss aid organisations
  • Individual documents – created in just a few clicks
  • Immediately effective without a notary or an attorney – deposit with a confidant

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the documents I have already created?

es, you can log in and modify your documents at any time.

How often can the documents be renewed?

In general, the once created documents are valid. We recommend you modify your documents whenever your life situation, your state of health or your wishes change. As a rule, a revision makes sense every 2-5 years.

Can I create multiple advance care dossiers?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of documents pro category in your advance care dossier: e.g. for your partner, your parents or your children. Of course, they then have to sign the documents themselves.

Why do I have to print out the documents?

Advance care documents must sometimes be signed or handwritten from beginning to end. Digital storage of the created documents via DeinAdieu.ch is not possible. DeinAdieu only manages your ready-to-print templates.

Do I have to register in order to use the services provided by DeinAdieu?

You can create all documents also without registering. To do this, operate the documents via DeinAdieu's website. Yet, without registering you cannot save your templates and therefore cannot modify these later.

I forgot my password – what now?

You can reset your password over the function «Reset password». A link will be then sent to your email.

How safe is my data?

We encrypt your data according to the highest security standards. All data is stored on Swiss servers in Swiss data centres. Our advance care dossier was developed 100% in Switzerland according to Swiss standards. Your advance care documents never leave Switzerland.

Does DeinAdieu sell my data?

Certainly not. We only inform the aid organisation that you bequeathed it in your will – this, of course, without giving any further information about the content of your will.