15. June 2020


How do I draft up a will? How can I createa will according to Swiss Law of Succession? If you do not draw up a will or a contract of succession, your estate will be divided in accordance with the intestate succession. Part of the estate may go to the state. In a will, you […]

17. September 2020

What is DeinAdieu?

DeinAdieu is the first Swiss online portal to a self-determined end of life. With dedication, we support you in three ways: In order to accomplish this great task, works openly in a strong team with various actors from the public sector, with private service providers and with volunteers. is a social entrepreneurship initiative […]

14. September 2020

The vision

Self-determination at the end of life – charitable contribution through a will Everything used to be different. Once upon a time, churches and social norms determined under what circumstances people should live, die, how they should mourn, and according to what rules they should inherit in order to maintain social security. Self-determination as a matter […]

13. January 2022

Request Confirmation

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17. April 2022

Real property & your estate

Real property and your estate: we can help! Settle an estate and inherit property Create a last will and testament to guarantee your estate and real property will be passed on to the heirs you have defined, in accordance with your wishes. Precautionary order for guarantee Create an interactive lasting power of attorney to ensure […]

24. August 2020

Organ donation

Organ donation: How you provide clarity Organ donation – talk about it,Make a decision and record it in writing Donate organs after death? Put your decision down in writing and share it with your relatives. This creates clarity and ensures that your will is implemented. Deal with the topic of organ donation and make a […]

1. December 2022

General Terms of Use for DeinAdieu of EMNA Web AG

1. Scope of application 1.1. The following Gemneral Terms of Use (“GTC”) govern the legal relationship between the persons who access the website (the “Website”) (“Users”) and the operator of the Website, EMNA Web AG (for operator details, see the imprint, the “Operator”). 1.2. The GTC apply from the first time the user accesses […]

22. March 2023

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is DeinAdieu’s goal? Only a small part of Switzerland’s inheritance volume is bequeathed to the public good. DeinAdieu would like to increase the current share of estimated 3 per mille of charitably bequeathed assets in total bequeathed assets. What are DeinAdieu’s approaches? We aim to increase the testamentary rate of 25% – because without […]

29. September 2020

Eulogy templates

DeinAdieu provides some examples of eulogies here. Use them to help you write your own personal text. Eulogy for Godmother Memorial service for a teacher Speech given by the principal Urn burial for husband Speech given by the family

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