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Create a dignified obituary

Create obituary
Create a digital obituary notice on for the deceased person, free of charge ... more
Share the link of the obituary notice via Whatsapp, email, Facebook etc. and inform relatives and friends. ... more
Commemorate online
Light a digital candle for the deceased person or write a message of condolence in the digital book. ... more

Required information

  • Think about:
    • Who would you like to list as the bereaved family?
    • Would you like to publish the dates of the memorial service/funeral?
    • Would you like to publish the obituary here or just make it accessible via link?
    • Which sharing function would you like to use – WhatsApp, email, Facebook etc.?
    • Would you like to designate a non-profit organisation as a recipient of funeral donations?
  • Please have the following information ready:
    • Name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased person
    • Your personal text (sample: obituaries, quotes, poems)
    • A photo of your loved one and optional souvenir photos (example of an obituary: Ernst Sieber)
    • Your email address for administration
    • Optional: bereaved family and details of events
"The digital obituary notice was immediately online and offered a place to commemorate the deceased person" Ingrid Ruetishuuser
  • Free obituary notice
  • Immediately online – on
  • Inform relatives and friends via the sharing function
  • Commemorate online: events, light a candle & write a condolence message in the condolence book

How it works:

Create obituary
Commemorate online

Frequently asked questions

How is the digital obituary notice on useful?

When a person passes away, we inform friends and relatives about the sad news. The digital obituary provided by DeinAdieu allows you to design an honourable, beautiful and personal message and to send it electronically.

Where is the obituary published?

The obituary will only be published on

How do friends and relatives find out about the deceased person's death?

The bereaved family or the author of the obituary shares the link to the obituary via the sharing function (Whatsapp, Facebook, email, text message etc.) – the friends and relatives will be informed immediately.

What does the obituary notice cost?

The obituary is free.

What are the advantages of the digital obituary on DeinAdieu?

The obituary is free, immediately online, offers free sharing and many other functions (commemorative candles, events, condolence book, burial sites, obit reminder, etc.). It gives a sense of relief in a time of great emotional burden.

What is a funeral donation?

Relatives, mourners and the bereaved family often wish to donate to a charity instead of receiving flowers. On, you will find a selection of trustworthy non-profit organisations. If you decide to donate, please call for donations when sharing your link.